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Reporting Copyright Concerns

Case Law: Embedding copyright-infringing video is not a crime,

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled August 3, 2012 that a site that embeds copyrighted videos from another site is not committing copyright infringement. The court case between Flava Works, Inc. and myVidster.com came to a close after this ruling was passed in favor of the defendant (myVidster.) The court also ruled that watching an infringing video does not constitute copyright infringement.


This website does not own, host or upload any videos which are shown on this site.

All videos on this website are hosted and played solely by Youtube, and are uploaded onto Youtube by other parties, of whom we have absolutely no association with or knowledge of. As such, all video content on this website is the sole ownership and responsibility of Youtube alone.

Youtube makes freely available a tiny snippet of embed code, which then places a small iFrame of the Youtube website onto any other website or forum. All content inside that iFrame is playing directly from Youtube and not from this website or any other website or forum where that embed code and iFrame are being utilised. We have absolutely no control over the contents or the functions within that iFrame. All content within that iFrame is owned, made freely available to the public anywhere in the world, and its functions are soley owned by Youtube alone.
Streaming a video directly from Youtube is a type of mini part of the Youtube website which we or any other website can show on their behalf, and all interaction within that iFrame, including its contents is an interaction with the Youtube website and its owners alone, which is solely owned and operated by Youtube. We do not own or opperate Youtube, nor are we managers or shareholders of that company.


Reporting and Removing Copyrighted Material From Youtube:

If you believe Youtube has violated your copyright on any film, via the uploading of any copyrighted film onto their website by one of their registered users, Youtube provides an array of easy to use methods to have your material immediately and quickly removed from their servers permanently.

Having your material removed from Youtube will ensure it is never made available to website owners or forum members to post via a Youtube owned, provided and controlled iFrame (which is a snippet of their website that can be seen on other websites or forums.)

If you want to report a copyright violation from a Youtube contact Youtube with the video URL, and they will immediately remove the video.

If you have seen a Youtube video on this website which is in breach of your copyright - click on the Youtube Icon at the bottom right corner of the Youtube iFrame where the video plays - and you will be taken directly to the page of Youtube which is hosting the video. Once again, copy that URL and report it to Youtube for immediate removal.


Reporting Copyright Violations To Youtube:

Youtube has set up many easy to use methods to report copyright violations on their website. You can contact them via the following methods to have any copyrighted materials immediately removed from their website.

All information relating to removal of copyrighted materials from Youtube, and an easy form to remove copyrighted materials from Youtube is here: 
https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2807622?hl=en )

Or, you contact Youtube to request removal of copyrighted materials from their website via several other methods, listed below:
Phone: 1 650 214 6064
Fax: 1 650 872 8513
Email: copyright@youtube.com
Post: DMCA Complaints

Youtube (Google, Inc)
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San Bruno, CA 94066

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